About us

What We Do DefPro Entertainment was formed in 2000 by it's president Thenkman. DefPro originally launched as a management company for developing artists, later created the promotion and event departments. Our services are also artist promotion, tour management and tv documentations. Our team bring a wealth of experiences across the business, management and promotional aspects of the music entertainment industry and have over 10 years combined experience to draw upon. We pride ourselves on been independent as this allows us to represent our clients interests to the fullest whether they are an DefPro artist, affiate label, independent artist or a major label. Today we are a promotion & marketing agency for various hip hop artists from all over the world. Our goal is to get more promotions for the artists, also to get them more known in europe especially in germany, poland, turkey, austria and in swiss. We do artist promotion via social media, music media (online, print, radio) and over dj's.

Thenkman - CEO

XINGThenkman started his career in 1989 as a street dancer, in 1994 he became dancer for the record label Looptown Records. To the end of his dance career, he became breakdance coach on schools, youth centers and finally at the Scream Factory - institute of performing arts in frankfurt. Since 2000 he's running DefPro Entertainment, during these years he was worked for various hip hop artists as a artist promoter and developed many urban artists. Since 2009 Thenkman is official record promoter for universal music germany, he's organizing the official record release partys for artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Game, Mary J Blidge, Dr.Dre, and many more. In 2003 he produced the Hip Hop documentary "Money Train & Thenkman - A German Hip Hop Summer 2003" with interviews from Petey Pablo, Flavor Flav, Xavier Naidoo, DJ Kool, Guru, Afrob & Sammy Deluxe. Later in 2005 the film was showed at the XX-Black International Cinema Festival. He's founder of the Propz City hip hop community and has released 4 Propz City Mixtapes, where over 100 rap artists had joined the projects. Linkedin[/scsocial

Janicka - Promotion

For our Promotion services is Janicka the perfect partner that everyone wishes.
She's taking care for the whole artist Promotion und development department.
Janicka also writes article‘s for our magazine Propz City Media and the new face of Propz City TV.

Yannick Titi - BOOKING

Yannick TitiYannick Tissot come from Switzerland, booking agent since 2010 for the lengendary Kurtis Blow. During these years Yannick placed artists such as: AFU-RA x ALAINE x AZ x BUSTA FLEX x BRAINWASH 2K x CORMEGA x DAS EFX x FREESTYLE (ARSONISTS) x GAVLYN x GANGRENE x INSPECTAH DECK x KEITH MURRAY x LARGE PROFESSOR x SHABAZZ THE DISCIPLE x LLOYD BANKS x M.O.P x ONYX x RHYME ADDICTS x SEEK x VOICEMAIL x XP and more, in the cities of Aarau, Aarhus, Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Caserta, Innsbruck, Interlaken, Krasnodar, Lausanne, Lecce, Madrid, Maribor, Montreux, Napoli, Neuchatel, Orbe, Paris, Rennes, Solothurn, Stuttgart, Toulouse, Wien, Zaragosa & Zurich.
DefPro Entertainment wurde im Jahr 2000 vom Promoter Thenkman gegründet, neben Veranstaltungen und Artist Promotion kamen mit Lauf der Zeit weitere Bereiche hinzu. In der Vergangenheit konnten wir mit diversen Hip Hop & Pop Artists arbeiten. 2003 produzierten wir die Hip Hop Dokumentation "Money Train & Thenkman - A German Hip Hop Summer 2003" mit Interviews von Xavier Naidoo, Afrob & Sammy Deluxe, Petey Pablo, Flavour Flav das 2005 auf dem XX-Black International Cinema Festival aufgeführt wurde. Seit 2009 veranstalten wir die offiziellen Record Release Partys von Universal Music in Frankfurt und Region. Heute vermitteln wir ausschließlich Hip Hop Artists und promoten diese über Social Medias.